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Why should Zumba be the fitness choice for you?

Are you aiming for a toned body for your next summer vacation, but wonder how to achieve it? Tried gyming, training, jogging, but nothing...
Deeksha Anand
2 min read

Your Foodie Guide to Great Eats in London

London Has Great Food Before I ever traveled to London, I was told the food was bland and boring. I can only assume this...
Veronica Morgan
3 min read

Shocking Christmas story and why everybody loves Christmas

It was just afore Christmas and the magistrate was in a cheerful mood. He questioned the prisoner who was in the dock: Magistrate: what...
Veronica Morgan
5 min read

The Grand Canyon And Beyond

Dramatic Arizona Nicknamed the Grand Canyon State, Arizona is an ideal vacation spot. I am surprised more people have yet to explore this stunning...
Veronica Morgan
4 min read

The Importance of Yoga: Mind, Body, And Spirit

No matter your shape, size, or age, there is a 100% chance that yoga can benefit you in one way or another and you...
Kenneth Kimari
1 min read