Deeksha Anand

  A freelance content writer who loves to read, dance and recite. Graduated in the business and management stream, literature and writing could never stay away from her. Apart from writing as a profession, penning down tales and poetry are her favorite hobbies. In her free time, you'll find her traveling and trying out different cuisines, especially desserts.


11 Stories by Deeksha Anand

5 Best Online Shopping Sites In India

Do you need to shop for new clothes, footwear, and accessories? Or do you need a new smartphone or laptop with more storage and...
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Ways To Add Color To Your Room

Minimalistic and monochrome are a trend which here to stay! The neutral colors definitely add a class to your house. But sometimes such interiors...
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How To Lose Weight In One Month

In a time where diseases are being spread widely, it is important to maintain a healthy body. Especially, obesity brings many diseases with it....
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5 Reasons To Travel Full Time

It is said that traveling is the core essence of our worldly life. In today’s stressful work routine, life can be pretty exhausting and...
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Best Places To Visit In Asia During Summer Vacation

Children love their summer vacation, don’t they? Yes, it can be a hard time for you to get a hold of them during that...
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Tips For Healthy Living In Summer

Summers are a tough time to stay outdoors. With the heat of the sun and hot winds, it is very easy to feel sick and...
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Tips To Fall Asleep Fast

Exhausted, tired and in our favorite pajamas, but still having a hard time falling asleep? That must have happened to all of us, at...
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What Is Augmented Reality?

The word Augmented means to add or to enhance. Hence, Augmented reality, which is called Virtual reality means to add in the reality a...
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Best Dating Apps Of 2019

In this busy world, it has become hard to look out for love. Nobody has got the time to meet new people after hours spent...
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