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  Tech enthusiast, Financial Analyst, Certified Copywriter, Blogger, and a coffee addict. Kenneth has many years of experience in freelance writing. His posts have also featured in some of the high profile websites like Wondershare and Droid Turf.


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The Importance of Yoga: Mind, Body, And Spirit

No matter your shape, size, or age, there is a 100% chance that yoga can benefit you in one way or another and you...
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Samsung KS9800 Review—SUHD 4K Ultra HD TV (Samsung 65KS9800)

When Samsung unveiled its new line of TVs at CES in Las Vegas, many of us were led to believe that the ultra slim...
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LG G6 Signature OLED 4K HDR TV Review (OLED 65 G6P)

The best TV’s on the planet just got a whole lot better with the introduction of the new Signature OLED G6P series. If you...
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Sony’s Z Series 4K HDR TVs take a swing at LG’s high-end OLEDs

For quite some time, the debate about which TV set will take the battle to the current kings of picture quality, LG OLED has...
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The Top 5 Best Printers of 2019

Picking the right printer can be a tough assignment considering the dozens of models available with similar specs. In choosing the right printer, your...
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The Top 3 Best Antivirus Software Reviewed

In a cyberspace bombarded by dozens of online malicious programs, you cannot afford to use a computer that is not protected. The internet is...
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Upcoming Hollywood Movies: August 2016 Releases

As Hollywood superstars continue to surprise us with science fiction, time traveling, and paranormal sequel releases, we’ve also seen new actors with a promising...
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Top 5 Best Tablets of 2019

Perfect gifts are hard to find, and so are perfect tablets. With so many players in the market today, it becomes hard to choose...
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A Visitor’s Guide to Golden Gate Park

A Great Weekend Getaway to Golden Gate Park There is a good reason more than 13 million visitors flock to Golden Gate Park (GGP)...
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