Veronica Morgan

  Veronica has a long and varied background in writing. Her work has appeared in newspapers nationally, magazines, and on web sites all over the globe. She was bitten by the travel bug, early in life and in addition to other freelancing work, she loves to write articles on travel, and the cultures she has encountered. Veronica lives in the majestic mountains of Northern California, and when she is not writing, she is planning her next adventure. She enjoys budget travel, and wants to show you how to live large, on less.


14 Stories by Veronica Morgan

Your Foodie Guide to Great Eats in London

London Has Great Food Before I ever traveled to London, I was told the food was bland and boring. I can only assume this...
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Shocking Christmas story and why everybody loves Christmas

It was just afore Christmas and the magistrate was in a cheerful mood. He questioned the prisoner who was in the dock: Magistrate: what...
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The Grand Canyon And Beyond

Dramatic Arizona Nicknamed the Grand Canyon State, Arizona is an ideal vacation spot. I am surprised more people have yet to explore this stunning...
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3 Amazing Spring Break Family Getaways

Where will Your Family  Go for Spend Spring Break? Spring break is a terrific time to book a family holiday. Avoid hot spots like...
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If You Don’t Travel Alone Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Solo Traveling Guide I frequently find myself encouraging others to travel alone. Usually, I am met with a questionable look. The idea of solo...
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A Visitors Guide To Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

A Hidden Gem in the Desert The desert may seem lonely and devoid of life, outside the Saguaro cactus standing forever at attention. The...
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Announcing Top 6 UFO Vacation Destinations

Out of this World Vacation Destinations for Spotting UFO’s and ET’s Do you enjoy stories of Extra Terrestrial (ET) encounters and UFO sightings? Most...
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A Beginner’s Guide to Narrowboating in Great Britain

U.K. Canal Boat Vacation Even if you have visited Great Britain in the past, you can see it from an entirely new perspective on...
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See How Easily You Can Plan A Road Trip

Road Trip! Taking a road trip is a quintessential part of the American fabric. Families loaded into station wagons, on their way to adventure,...
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