Upcoming Hollywood Movies: August 2016 Releases

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Upcoming Hollywood Movies: August 2016 Releases

As Hollywood superstars continue to surprise us with science fiction, time traveling, and paranormal sequel releases, we’ve also seen new actors with a promising future in the Hollywood lounge. The month of August has nothing to do with the superpower bandwagon, it’s all about action. We see the greatest names of all times like Jason Statham embarking on impossible missions to hunt down supervillains, not to forget some cool comedies with suspense that you just can help yourself out.

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August 2016 Releases: Suicide Squad (August 5, 2016)


Genre: Action / Adventure


Will Smith

Jared Leto

Margot Robbie



Running Time: 2hr 10 minutes

Suicide Squad Storyline

Suicide squad is an upcoming American superhero based on the DC Comics antihero team of the same name. In this action/ adventure film, a group of imprisoned supervillains is recruited by the government for a covert mission deemed too dangerous for superheroes to handle. The independent villains must bury their own interpersonal conflicts and agendas to form a cohesive unit in exchange for clemency and saving the nation from a dangerous threat.

August 2016 Releases: Nine Lives (August 5, 2016)


Genre: Comedy


Robbie Amell

Jennifer Garner

Christopher Walken



Running time: 1hr 27 minutes

Nine Lives Storyline:

The film follows the story of a billionaire workaholic, Tom Brand who finds himself trapped inside the body of his family cat. Brand goes to a mysterious pet store to buy a present for his wife’s 11th birthday. He buys a seemingly harmless cat and a bizarre turn of events traps him inside the pet’s body. The owner of the business tells him that he has only one week to reconnect with his family or else he will spend the rest of his life trapped inside the pet’s body. Now Brand has to find out why he has been placed in that peculiar situation and goes an extra mile to earn back his human existence.

August 2016 Releases: Pete’s Dragon (August 12, 2016)


Genre: Adventure


Oakes Fegley

Robert Redford

Bryce Dallas Howard

Wes Bentley


Running Time: 2hrs 14 minutes

Pete’s Dragon Storyline

The story follows the adventures of Pete-an orphaned boy whose best friend and a guardian happened to be a dragon called Elliot. Mr. Meacham a woodcarver used to entertain children with stories of a mystical dragon that lived deep in the forests of Northwest Pacific. His daughter Grace who was made to believe dragons are just fairly tales meets Pete–a 10 yr old boy who claims he lives in the woods with a giant dragon, and from Pete’s description, the creature matches the description of the mysterious dragon from Mr. Meacham’s stories. With the help of Natalie, an 11-year girl, Grace sets out in the wood to find out more about the dragon and where Pete came from.

August 2016 Releases: Ghost Team, (August 12, 2016)


Genre: Thriller


Jon Heder

David Krumholtz

Melonie Diaz



Running Time: 1hr 23 minutes

Ghost Team Storyline:

A paranormal-obsessed man gathers a dysfunctional team to mount his own investigations into the beyond in a bid to escape the monotony of his never changing life. The team consists of his best friend, an overeager security guard, a cable access medium, and a misfit nephew to investigate suspicious activities at an abandoned firm.

August 2016 Releases: Hell or High Water (August 12, 2016)


Genre: Action


Chris Pine

Jeff Bridges

Ben Foster



Running time: 1hr 42 minutes

Hell or High Water Storyline

A contemporary action drama set in West Texas where the distinction between the outlaws and the honest men has grown horns. A divorced father Toby tries to make life better for his son with the help of his ex-convict brother Tanner. Together they plan a series of heists against the bank that is about to foreclose their family ranch. Vengeance seems to be theirs until they realize they have to contend with one dangerous Texas Ranger who is relentlessly looking for the final triumph on the eve of his retirement.

August 2016 Releases: Ben-Hur (August 19, 2016)


Genre: Action

Cast :

Morgan Freeman

Jack Huston

Gal Gadot



Ben-Hur Storyline:

The film follows an epic story of a prince Judah Ben-Hur who went into slavery after being accused falsely of an assassination attempt by his step brother Messala, an officer in the Roman army. He endures years of slavery where he was stripped of his title and estranged from the women he loved. Finally, Ben-Hur returns to his homeland to seek revenge but finds redemption.

August 2016 Releases: Mechanic Resurrection (August 26, 2016)


Genre: Action / thriller


Jason Statham

Jessica Alba

Tommy Lee Jones



Mechanic Resurrection Storyline

A master assassin Jason Statham retires his job as a contract killer after the demise of his partner and a narrow escape that had already predicted his death. But when his only Love, Jessica Alba gets kidnapped by the most dangerous men in the world, he is forced to travel the world to complete 3 impossible assassination missions. He not only has to kill but also do what he does best; make them look like accidents.

August 2016 Releases: I Am Not a Serial Killer (August 26, 2016)


Genre: Thriller


Max Records

Laura Fraser

Christopher Lloyd


Running Time: 1hr 44 minutes

I Am Not a Serial Killer Storyline

The story centers around a Midwestern teenager John Wayne who is not a serial killer, but has all the qualities of one. Bombarded by suicidal tendencies and a morbid curiosity with death and murder, Wayne finds it hard to stay in peace when a real serial killer starts terrorizing the people he loves in the Midwest. Now he must unleash his darkest inner demons in order to track down the psychopath and restore sanity in his hometown.

August 2016 Releases: Remember the Goal (August 26, 2016)


Genre: Faith


Allee-Sutton Hethcoat

Quinn Alexis

Sydney Marks



Remember the Goal Storyline:

The story is about a young fictional high school girls cross country team that overcomes life obstacles with the aid of an inspirational coach. In the face of criticism, controversy, and insurmountable odds, the coach inspires them through her testimonies and helpful advice by touching on topics that teens face in their daily life. She teaches them about honesty, integrity, faith, and determination to press on even when all the odds are stacked up against them. Her allure leads them to acquire their first state title.

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Kenneth Kimari Tech enthusiast, Financial Analyst, Certified Copywriter, Blogger, and a coffee addict. Kenneth has many years of experience in freelance writing. His posts have also featured in some of the high profile websites like Wondershare and Droid Turf.