Why should Zumba be the fitness choice for you?

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Are you aiming for a toned body for your next summer vacation, but wonder how to achieve it? Tried gyming, training, jogging, but nothing seems to fit into your busy schedule?
We’ve all been to the “gym is too hard” and “I missed my morning alarm for the daily run” phases. Fitness is a way of life, hence, each person should pick up an activity which is easy to continue. For me, that activity is Zumba.

For those who haven’t heard about it, Zumba is a Latin dance form originated for the purpose of creating a fitness regime. It is a complete body workout which helps to lose a great number of calories at the end of each session, helping the person to lose weight, gain flexibility and getting toned. Above all, it is fun and suitable for all age groups.

To decide whether Zumba is the lovable workout routine for you as well, you need to look over a few points such as if you like to dance or not? How comfortable are you in group workouts? And most importantly, are you ready to bring in a great positive change in your life?

Here are a few key points as to why Zumba should be your choice for fitness:

1) Good Music and Rhythm + Dancing your way to fitness

Zumba is a Latin dance form and includes a lot of hip and leg work. So say goodbye to your boring workout schedule and dance your way towards being a fitter version of yourself. The good music and coordinated steps with a whole bunch of enthusiastic and motivated people is a great stress- buster. No wonder, Zumba releases the happy hormones i.e. The endorphins leaving you stress-free and enhancing your mood for the better.

2) Building Endurance= Healthy Heart

Zumba is said to get your heart rate up during the fast-paced workout and offers anaerobic benefits which mean it helps you maintain a good cardiovascular respiratory system. It helps to increase your aerobic capacity too. A researched fact states that the minutes spent in the specific heart rate zone during the workout make you forget that you are actually working out, rather just having fun by moving your body to the music.

3) Builds body positivity

There have been cases where people suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder have found solace in Zumba. The fitness- dance form has replaced their lack of confidence, insecurity, and burden to have an ideal body type with love and acceptance of their bodies. As you move on the Zumba beats, you fall oh-so-in-love with your body! The connectivity you feel with your body is priceless.

4) Burns Calories

The dance form is said to make people burn 400 to 600 calories depending on their level of intensity. The best part is that it is a full body workout and you would probably lose weight in an equal and the right proportion. As and when you work on your intensity of performing the workout, the chances of you burning more calories resulting in even more weight is much higher. With a 3 day a week routine, people have said to lose 2-2.5 kgs per month with a normal diet.

5) Fun + stress reliever

Zumba is a great stress reliever as it makes you concentrate on your coordination of dance steps, making you forget all your worries. The fast-paced music takes you to a worry-free zone where the only point of focus is ‘you’. Also, the fact that it is a group class definitely adds to your social life as you get to interact with so many active and enthusiastic people around you. If you’re doing it at home, it gives you the benefit of following the routine without any heavy equipment.

6) Tone your body

Tone your body, yes, and not just each portion differently, but actually the entire body together. Be ready to see a great change in your body. How? Well, Zumba has rhythmic steps such as squats, twists, and other aerobics steps which help you tone your entire body without you even realizing it. Your body is moving altogether, which makes the process even more effective and the music definitely makes it easy-peasy. Remember, these little steps make all the difference

All these above benefits of Zumba must have already ignited the Zumba feels inside you, and your body would surely be curious to get itself introduced to this exciting form of fitness. Now, all you need is some good Latin music and access to a professional Zumba trainer either through the class enrollment in a gym or studio or online videos on YouTube channels, social media handles, and other web sources. Put on your shoes, and do not let those legs stop until you have reached your goal. You are going to fall in love with fitness, in no time, without you even realizing it!