Top Website Hosting Companies and top affordable Website Hosting Companies

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Top Website Hosting Companies And Top Affordable Website Hosting Companies

A company without a website can only be compared to a high-end automobile without a dashboard. No matter the value of the invested capital, it will never be able to achieve a competitive edge against its rivals. Web presence is the key to attracting potential clients and choosing the best website hosting companies is the first step to introducing your business to the outermost parts of the world. Fortunately, with the right hosting company, the entire process is very easy and affordable.

The scope of website hosting varies greatly and depends on the client’s preferences. The most basic hosting service is a web page with a small-scale file hosting which employs the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to upload files. Personal web hosting is typically inexpensive or free in most cases. Business web hosting on the other, hand incurs higher expenses depending on the size and the type of the site. This is because a complex site will call for services such as database support and facilities that allow customers to write scripts/forums and platforms for applications development. Web hosting companies also offer various hosting services like shared web hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS), managed WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

While virtual private server (VPS) hosting is ideal for small businesses that want more power without incurring higher costs, dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is both pricey and powerful. Dedicated Hosting is ideal for those businesses that experience incredibly high levels of traffic on a daily basis. Managed WordPress hosting is for those clients who want their website built on the popular WordPress Content Management System (CMS) without having to bother about staff such as backups and updating apps. With so many hosting providers all providing competitive services, choosing one from the best hosting companies becomes a daunting task. To make it as simple and seamless as possible, we have compiled a list of the best website hosting companies for you.

Best Website Hosting Companies:-

Top Web Hosting Company #1: SiteBuilder

sitebuilderSiteBuilder tops the list of the best website hosting companies due to its unique features. Whatever your business needs, SiteBuilder will provide a special package for you. With this provider, you will get a free domain, free SEO tools, free email address and over 1000 templates to choose from. SiteBuilder also provides its clients with the ability to sell by providing a customized store for its customers (e-commerce). You can even add a blog to your website to keep your visitors up to date.

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Top Web Hosting Company #2: TMDHosting

best website hosting companiesBacked by ALL-SSD servers and 8 years of solid experience in the industry, you can be certain that TMDHosting is one of the best website hosting companies out there. The company boasts of smoother and 20% faster performance to all its clients. Just like SiteBuilder, TMDHosting is certified by CNET and offers free domain and free website transfer. Experts at TMDHosting will also help you get rid of your SPAM.

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Top Web Hosting Company #3: DreamHost

dreamhostDreamHost combines a fast, reliable, robust and stable platform with rich features and a one of a kind customer service. With their latest SSD upgrade, DreamHost is now one of the best website hosting companies available. It strikes the balance between prices and features and is best suited for users who are familiar with website administration. You get 1 free domain, unlimited storage and unlimited email for just a low monthly fee of $4.95. Other features include cloud storage plans, extensive management tools and a wealth of security features.

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Top Web Hosting Company #4: InMotion Hosting

inmotionInMotion is one of the popular hosting companies out there. With InMotion, you get amazing offers which include a free premium website hosting for 1 year, free SSD’s which you only pay for six months. Other features include free web builder, free cPanel, free backups and a 24/7 US-based phone support. InMotion also offers excellent managed WordPress options and a 90-day money back guarantee. On the flipside, InMotion lacks Windows servers and needs separate logins for all add-ons.

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Top Web Hosting Company #5: HostGator Web Hosting

hostgator-logoHostGator is one of the most affordable hosting companies out there. It offers plenty of tools and balances between price and features. It has good virtual private servers but what makes the company stand out from the crowd are the shared and dedicated server plans. It offers 45 days money back guarantee which is better than most companies. Other features include unlimited storage and monthly data transfers. HostGator is remarkably easy to use. The only downside is that its email security is not excellent.

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Best Affordable Web Hosting Companies

Many good website hosting companies exist, but not all can strike the balance between attractive prices and quality features. Besides, not all the best website hosting companies are pocket-friendly. Each one of the companies below offers value for money website hosting and also happens to be very popular hosting companies. Below find a list of the best affordable hosting companies that also offers quality services.

Top Affordable Web hosting Company #1: iPage – $1.99 per Month

best website hosting companiesiPage perfectly fits in the list of the best website hosting companies in terms of pricing and features. iPage has been a leader in the website hosting industry since 1998. It provides a token of free services and a low monthly fee which makes it one of the best affordable hosting companies.

iPage web hosting Features

  • Free domain registration
  • Free security suite
  • Free online store
  • Free website building tools
  • Free search engine and marketing credits
  • 30-day refund policy

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Top Affordable Web hosting Company #2: JustHost -$3.95 per month

justhost-logoJustHost is also one of the best affordable hosting companies due to its low monthly fee and absence of additional fees. It doesn’t charge for domain fee or migration fee which can be a good source of savings.

JustHost web hosting Features

  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • E-commerce shopping carts
  • Free advertising credit- $100 Google advertising offer
  • 30 days money back guarantee

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Top Affordable Web hosting Company #3: eHost– $2.75 per month

ehost-logoeHost offers very competitive features at a very affordable price. It’s also one of the few companies that offer a discount on registration. With eHost, you can create an online store, set up a photo gallery or start a blog.

e-Host web hosting Features

  • Free domain name
  • Best Apps on the web
  • Free site builder
  • Free unlimited email with auto responders and mail forwarding.
  • 45-day money back

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Top Affordable Web hosting Company #4: Idea host – $2.99 per month

ideahost-logoIdea host is one of the best affordable companies with website building features, marketing tools and 24/7 tech support at only $2.99 per month. With Idea host, you can monitor and maintain your websites presence in Google with Google webmaster tools.

Idea host web hosting Features

  • Free domain name
  • E-commerce and blogging all through one platform
  • Hosting of unlimited domains
  • Google webmaster tools
  • Free website builder
  • 45 days refund policy

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Top Affordable Web hosting Company #5: FatCow – $4 per month

fatcow-logoSince 1998, FatCow has been providing quality web hosting services to its clients at a very affordable fee. Its online store building tools and Load-Balanced architecture are well known. FatCow is now powered by 100% wind energy.

FatCow web hosting Features

  • Free domain name and the web builder
  • Unlimited disc space
  • Unlimited POP mailboxes
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Free shopping cart and script barn
  • 30 days refund policy

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Top Affordable Web hosting Company #6: HostGator – $3.95 per month

hostgator-logoHostGator makes the list of the best affordable hosting companies by offering low monthly fee and a one-off discount. Though HostGator does charge migration fees and domain name, its services are unrivalled and the name will always appear on the list of best website hosting companies. Its customer service is excellent and offers unlimited bandwidth.

HostGator web hosting Features

  • 24/7 all year-round technical support
  • Free shopping cart software
  • Most ideal for WordPress
  • 4,500 website templates
  • Free website building tools
  • 45-day money back guarantee

Plans & Pricing

What is Linux Website Hosting

Linux and Windows are two different types of operating systems which are typically available for web hosting. Both of them are independent on the operating system you use. The most popular operating system for web servers is Linux. Since Linux website hosting is more popular, it has most of the features that web designers prefer. Unless you need a website that requires specific applications for Windows such as ASP.NET, MSSQL or Visual Basic Development Linux is the best for you.

If your static website is made of CSS and HTML then your website can be hosted on both platforms. The choice of the platform to use is largely dependent on the script language you use on your website. For example, if you use MYSQL and PHP for your website then ideally you should host your website on LINUX. Conversely, if your website was developed using scripts like SQL, ASP, Access or, then Windows should be your choice. Over the years, developers have always opted to go for Linux Website Hosting. Most of the best website hosting companies also recommend LINUX due to its intuitive interface.

As an open source, Linux website hosting provides access to a wide range of snippets, scripts, and applications which simplifies the process for novice developers.

Advantages of using Linux website hosting

Some of the pros of using Linux Website Hosting are:

  • It is stable and secure- Linux is renowned for its security and stability aspects. The system is robust for data safety and steadiness.
  • Low Cost- Being an open source platform, Linux charges are by far low in terms of software, setup, and monthly costs.
  • Technical Support- Linux platform is integrated with a troubleshooting system and diagnostic solutions for its users. This makes it reliable and renders the services offered first class.
  • Easy Backups- Website backup is very important. Linux platform contains inbuilt tools that that provides for easy backup.
  • Simple administration- Linux offers a simple administration that does not require the use of other software tools.

Disadvantages of using Linux website hosting

  • Compatibility issues- Not all websites are compatible with Linux as discussed earlier. Some websites that were developed keeping Windows as the specific or native platform may have compatibility issues with Linux. Although there is a way of solving this problem with the use of, it still poses a huge problem to developers.

Waht is Windows Website Hosting

Windows website hosting normally comes with a licensing cost. Since most of the web applications being used today are windows based, windows website hosting is recommended. It is ideal for users who wish to create a website using ASP.NET framework. Although windows website hosting is more expensive compared to LINUX, some of the benefits it brings along are worth the extra dollar. Some of these advantages include a high level of security, smooth integration, simple point of control and applications compatibility. When it comes to database support, Windows web hosting is better than LINUX. It provides complete migration for database servers like MYSQL, MSSQL or MSDE. Windows applications which require a Windows server include:

  • NET
  • ASP Classic
  • Visual Basic Development
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL)

Windows servers can support multiple Windows specific applications like Microsoft Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange. Most of these applications require additional license and installation.

Advantages of using Windows Website Hosting

  • Flexibility- Windows website hosting is flexible and convenient when it comes to website hosting solutions. You can host several websites from just a sole tab.
  • High-security level-Windows platform comes with unique settings that are automatically disabled out of the box in contrary to LINUX where you have to toy with the settings. This gives you added security.
  • Maintaining a windows server is far much easier than other platforms due to its dominance. Windows platform is largely supported by most vendors due to its domination.

Disadvantages of using Windows Website Hosting

Just like a double edged sword, the Windows platform also comes with a set of limitations.

  • Licenses of windows server applications are very expensive. These costs are usually tacked on top of the web hosting service thus making it very expensive.
  • Compatibility- Compatibility issue arises since LINUX is being used by more hosts.
  • While the platform is now greatly improved and the security level high, the older versions which are still in use are highly vulnerable to security threats. This makes them operate slowly when attacked by viruses and malware.
  • When used for a long period of period, the Windows server requires rebooting to prevent it from hanging.

Both of these platforms work on any PC and are capable of hosting very impressive websites. You can get a LINUX website hosting even if your computer runs on Mac OS or Windows. The operating system should not be the deterrent factor in choosing a web hosting service. You should decide on the basis of the specific needs of your website. Now that you have all the facts, pros and cons I hope that you will make a more informed decision. Do remember to comment and share.

Hitesh Chandwani I am a Passionate Web Developer, Adventure Seeker, Hobbyist Blogger, Amazed by Tech, Party Lover, big Foodie and list goes on.
Hitesh Chandwani I am a Passionate Web Developer, Adventure Seeker, Hobbyist Blogger, Amazed by Tech, Party Lover, big Foodie and list goes on.