8 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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8 Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding planning is a “crazy” business and if not meticulously organized, things could go haywire on the big day.

So many wedding planning mistakes can occur that can easily be avoided if you know exactly what’s expected of you. But let’s face it; planning weddings is not your full-time job nor is it your part time job. This being said, no matter how hard you try things might as well go wrong. The trick is to put on a smile on your face and enjoy the moment rather than obsessing yourself with the trivial errors.

There is a pretty good reason why wedding planners exist, and also why it’s hard to find a good one. Even if you afford to get a professional wedding planner, there is a lot on your part to play to avoid these wedding planning mistakes. After all, brides are human and bound to make mistakes. So in an effort to make this transition as simple and seamless as possible, I figured why not tip you with the heads-up? Here are the 10 common wedding planning mistakes to avoid.

  1. Booking a Photographer based on price only


As the saying goes “nothing good comes cheaply”, if you want amazing photos, you must hire an amazing photographer. Wedding reminiscences will never fade from the mind of a woman, no matter the age. These memories are the most treasured of all thoughts and what make them colorful are the photographs. Do not ruin them by hiring a mediocre. In choosing the best photographer, it is important to find out about the reputation of the cameraman. You can get references from common wedding blog posts or from your friends who have walked down that path before. Yes, sometimes it’s important to overvalue your life, and even add tax to it. Let this reflect in the quality of the photographs you get from an expert.

  1. Choosing a Venue that does not meet all your needs


It is a common flaw in humans to be deceived by the outer beauty that only reflects a fraction of the real thing. This being said a wedding venue is no exception. Many are the times when we chose to do it ourselves and end up choosing a venue because of its fame, luxury or scenic beauty. The venue may be very prepossessing or cost friendly, but it’s good to ask yourself some questions. Is the venue convenient? Will there be enough space or the dance floor will be created by removing tables? Trying to manipulate space in a wedding is a terrible idea and makes the whole event look muddled.

  1. Planning Before setting a Budget


This is one of the most common wedding planning mistakes. Picking a wedding dress or selecting a venue without establishing your financial circumference is like buying a high-end Ferrari without considering the petrol implication. You risk signing in desperation upon realizing that you can’t afford it, or you have to slash the number of guests by half or cancel the honeymoon. The order of priority in every wedding should be budget, guests and then venue. The budget should be able to determine the number of guests and the most suitable venue. When setting up the budget, always remember to set aside some allocations for unforeseen circumstances, overtime, car services and gratuities.

  1. Not having a Rain Plan


Rain is a blessing but if not taken into account when planning the wedding it may ruin the event. Too many people are just tempted to believe and hope that it won’t rain, well they miss the point that rain on a wedding day is not a surprise, it’s a game changer. Most people don’t want to invest in tents and umbrellas for fear that they will end up losing a lot of money if it doesn’t rain especially if the wedding is an outdoor event. They forget that if plan A fails you don’t recycle it, you go for plan B. In this case, plan B might be to change the venue or order for emergency tents which might turn out to be even more expensive, not forgetting the number of people who will leave once it begins to rain.

  1. Skipping Video

The movie version of your wedding should be one of the best video collections in your house. You cannot afford to miss those moments that were so intoxicating that everyone wanted to hang around you on video. The video exposes and reveals those things that you did, yet you can’t even remember doing them due to the rousing emotions and the exhilarating environment around you. The video also gives a real time experience to those who missed the big day.

  1. Forgetful Vendors


If you are doing the planning all by yourself, you need to keep in mind that some vendors are very notorious in this area. What would happen if some commodities critical for the success of the wedding are missing? This is one area that can make you start the day on a bad mood. It is important to remind the vendors one week or two days before the event. It’s also important to remind them to keep time as some unforeseen circumstances like accidents that cause traffic jam might frustrate the event.

  1. Not Scheduling Enough time for Photography

bride Landscape

Remember you paid $4k for your professional photographer, don’t let that money go down for nothing. You need to make sure they have adequate time and space to do their job. If it’s in the reception, ensure that there is a space for the photographer. If you are going to multiple locations ensure that they are on the travel plan. If you find a picturesque site on the way that is ideal for photography stop the car and get the job done.

  1. Not Having Enough Sitting

This is another common wedding planning mistakes. What do you do when you attend an event only to find no seats? Most people leave as there is no luxury in standing and wedding is no different. Even if it’s a cocktail style event, always ensure there are extra seats as most people prefer to bring their friends in such memorable events.





Kenneth Kimari Tech enthusiast, Financial Analyst, Certified Copywriter, Blogger, and a coffee addict. Kenneth has many years of experience in freelance writing. His posts have also featured in some of the high profile websites like Wondershare and Droid Turf.
Kenneth Kimari Tech enthusiast, Financial Analyst, Certified Copywriter, Blogger, and a coffee addict. Kenneth has many years of experience in freelance writing. His posts have also featured in some of the high profile websites like Wondershare and Droid Turf.