Top 8 Activities for Easter 2019!

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Easter – one of most awaited spring occasions is finally arriving and it’s time to celebrate it. The occasion gives us the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones while offering prayers to Lord Jesus. And when it comes to make the holiday memorable, there are a lot of ways to achieve it. From making Easter eggs and cookies to planning a weekend getaway with family and friends, there are numerous activities one can engage in so as to make the most of the occasion.

Given below is a list of activities we have compiled to help you celebrate your Easter holidays like never before. So, don’t just sit and eat sweets this time. Instead, engage in these activities and keep your whole family happy on this holy holiday:

  1. Make Easter Eggs and Participate in Egg Hunt: Undoubtedly, making Easter eggs and playing egg hunt is one of the most enjoyable activities for Easter. Buy eggs filled with candies or chocolate or simply decorate eggs at home. Keep your kids entertained by engaging them in egg-hunt activity. To make the game more interesting, distribute fun prizes the kids would love.
  2. Prepare Easter recipes: Make your Easter holiday more enjoyable by preparing special recipes. Apart from Easter cookies, you can try more finger-licking recipes like chicken eggs, hot-cross buns, coconut-mango pancakes, risotto, muffins or something your entire family likes.
  3. Make an Easter Tree or Garden: Creating a beautiful Easter tree will not just keep the kids entertained but will also enhance beauty of your home. So, make a tree using painted eggs, cute bunny toys, colorful ribbons, buds etc. You can also build a miniature Easter garden with flowers, gravel, sand, decorative rocks, toys and lights. Light up the tree or garden in the evening to make Easter celebrations more divine!
  4. Plan a Long Spring holiday weekend Getaway: Easter holidays commence from Good Friday till Easter Sunday, so it’s a perfect excuse to plan a getaway with your friends and family. There are a lot of holiday destinations to have a fun-filled Easter break. Pick something of your choice from No matter whether you want to engage in a pool-side holiday in Italy or plan an exclusively luxury holiday in Spain, there’s a right accommodation to meet your needs!
  5. Plant a Tree: Expressing your gratitude toward Mother Nature is a great idea to celebrate a holy holiday like Easter. So, give a new life and contribute to the environment by planting some useful plants and trees in your home or neighborhood. Seeing the grown-up plant/tree next year will symbolize the memories of passed away Easter while giving you the feeling of joy at the same time.
  6. Explore Other Localities Celebrating Easter: Every community has its own ways of celebrating Easter holidays. While some organize church services and Easter parades, others engage in Passion Plays. So, take a road trip and visit nearby places to see how other localities celebrate the festivity. You can also plan to visit a different country such as Spain and discover its Easter customs and traditions. “Savanah Collins from says that Tenerife Spain is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking to enjoy both historic and modern art.”
  7. Plan Easter Evening Party: Hosting a fabulous Easter party in the evening is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Plus, it will give you a chance to have a nice get together with all your dear ones especially with those you rarely meet due to hectic work schedule. So, plan to have a blast with a grand party this Easter 2019. Decorate party table with your favorite Easter dishes, flowers, balloons, sweets and Easter eggs. Don’t forget to add candles and lights to your décor to make the place look more beautiful. You can also give homemade gifts to your guests as Easter favors at end of the party.
  8. Don’t Forget to Pray: Easter is all about Lord Jesus so don’t forget him amid your celebrations. Pray to God and acquire his blessings. Reading Bible quotes and life stories of Lord Jesus will not only remove the negativities around your family but will also inspire you to follow his path for a better living. So, don’t forget to pray this Easter. After all, you have a lot to thank God for!

Kick start your Easter holidays with these fabulous activities. These will undoubtedly make your festivities memorable in the way you will cherish them for years to come!