How to Install and Access WhatsApp on your PC

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How to Install and Access WhatsApp on your PC

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social applications with over 1 billion subscribers worldwide. Almost every operating system now has WhatsApp in their operating system. One of the striking limitations of WhatsApp was that you could only access it on the phone. Not anymore. With the current technological advancement, you can now access WhatsApp on your PC. This means that it’s now possible to simultaneously access WhatsApp on your phone, laptop or PC without a hack.

With regular updates, WhatsApp keeps on getting better and better. Users can now be able to hide “last seen update” something that was impossible some years ago. Users can also be able to do video calls and designate multiple group admin and we expect more improvements as competition continues to hinge. This article will teach you on how to download, install and access WhatsApp on your PC. Two methods exist:

  1. Use of an Android emulator
  2. Use of WhatsApp Web

This tutorial will be very useful especially when you have issues with your phone and want to access WhatsApp.

How to Access WhatsApp on your PC with the use of an Android emulator

Step 1: Download BlueStacks App Player

To access WhatsApp on your PC, first you need to download an emulator for Android known as BlueStacks App player. You will also need a mobile phone to verify your WhatsApp account. BlueStacks App player exists in two versions: Thin BlueStacks app player and Normal BlueStacks app player. Due to the programming issues associated with the Normal BlueStacks Application player, I recommend you download and install the Thin BlueStacks Application player. Click here to download the thin BlueStacks app player.

Step 2: Installation of the BlueStacks apk

Run the setup file to install it. You also need to ensure that you have a free space of more than 2GB in your installation drive. Otherwise, you will encounter the error message below.


During installation, BlueStacks will ask for permission to access the App Store and app notifications. Wait for the installation to finish which may take some few minutes. After installation is complete, you will get a screen that looks like the screenshot below. Click on the messaging icon and then select WhatsApp.



Step 3: Download WhatsApp in your PC

Click on the icon for WhatsApp to start downloading WhatsApp on your PC. This may take several minutes, wait till it completes.




Step 4: Install WhatsApp on your PC

Double click the WhatsApp application file that you saved on your PC and the app will automatically install itself in the BlueStacks app player.



Step 5: Configuring WhatsApp in your PC

Now you will get a grid of apps that you have saved in BlueStacks. Find and launch WhatsApp. As soon as you open WhatsApp, you will get an interface that is similar to the one on your mobile phone. See screenshot below.




In the next step, the system will prompt you to enter your phone number for verification purposes. Wait for few minutes as WhatsApp tries and fails to automatically verify using SMS. After 5 minutes, WhatsApp will offer you an call-meoption for voice clarification. Click on “call me”.



Answer the call and you will get a verification code being spoken in a loop. Key in the verification code in WhatsApp running on BlueStacks and you are good to go.

This procedure is for installing WhatsApp on your PC with the use of BlueStacks emulator. It should also work well any other compatible Android emulator.


How to Use WhatsApp Web to get WhatsApp on your PC

Using the android emulator allows you to access WhatsApp on a single device only. This means that your phone will stop receiving WhatsApp notifications once you log on into your PC. However, that limitation has been solved by the use of WhatsApp web. With WhatsApp Web, you can get WhatsApp on your PC, laptop, tablet, and phone all at once. Before we begin, it’s important to note that WhatsApp web only works with chrome browser and works with android, iOS, blackberry and Windows phones only.

How to use WhatsApp Web on your PC

Step 1: Launch chrome browser

On your PC or laptop, launch chrome browser and head to  A QR code will pop up on the screen of your PC. Some problems have been noted with the use of iOS, but it works perfectly well with other operating systems.




You don’t need a QR reader installed on your phone to read this.

Step 2: Launch WhatsApp on your phone

On your phone, launch WhatsApp and locate the settings menu. Use the 3 dots at the top right corner to expand the setting menu if you are using an Android device. Then select “WhatsApp web” as shown below.




Step 3: Scan and Read the QR code

After clicking on the WhatsApp web, a QR reader will now open on your phone.



To read the code, point it at your PC screen and you will automatically be logged into WhatsApp on the web.




You will notice that the interface is similar to that on the phone. The desktop notifications are by default supported which you might need to switch off in the computer is shared. These settings can be adjusted on the phone by expanding the three dots on the right top corner.

Step 4: Starting a Conversation in WhatsApp web

You will realize that starting a conversation on the desktop is slightly different from what you are used to on the conversationphone. It is the search function that enables you to filter the existing charts as well as start a new conversation.



Within the conversation, the interface now matches with that of the phone with emoticons resting on any side of the text-entry field. You can also be able to check the contact information on the desktop. You also get the blue ticks, single and twin to notify you whether the message has been sent, delivered or read. Click here to find out what the 2 blue ticks in WhatsApp mean.

Step 5: Logging out

Once the computer and the phones are connected, you will be able to manage them from your phone through the WhatsApp on the web menu. Unless you specify otherwise, WhatsApp will keep you logged in. If you opt to log out, then you will have to go through the QR code process again the next time you wish to log into WhatsApp on that machine.

It is important to note that the system usually syncs the messages between the phone and the browser. This may eventually lead to increased data usage. For heavy WhatsApp users, it is recommended to switch to Wi-Fi. Hope this was useful, feel free to comment and share.

Kenneth Kimari Tech enthusiast, Financial Analyst, Certified Copywriter, Blogger, and a coffee addict. Kenneth has many years of experience in freelance writing. His posts have also featured in some of the high profile websites like Wondershare and Droid Turf.
Kenneth Kimari Tech enthusiast, Financial Analyst, Certified Copywriter, Blogger, and a coffee addict. Kenneth has many years of experience in freelance writing. His posts have also featured in some of the high profile websites like Wondershare and Droid Turf.