5 thumb rules to keep in mind while traveling abroad

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Things to keep in mind while travelling

Traveling can be a very amusing as well as very frustrating experience. It’s not possible to learn new languages, cultures, legal systems and lifestyle just before visiting any state or country. so this post is all about how you can have a pleasant experience by keeping some thumb rules in mind.

Health, safety, accommodation and food are the primary issues faced by all travel loving people. So here are thumb rules

1. Pre-book your Hotel(s) or b&b(s)

A majority of people does not pre-book hotels as they want to get the closer look of accommodation before they decide to go with it, but you should alway book the accommodation before head, especially when you are traveling with family or on a holiday trip as place get crowded.

Reasons behind pre-booking of accommodation are very simple

  • After a long journey or even not so long journey, you would like to crash on the bed instead of hauling your luggage back and forth looking for accommodation.
  • You can’t always rely on the public transport. For example – you have planned to reach the destination by 6 pm – 7 pm as per your planning but what if you couldn’t make it and instead you end up reaching at midnight, oh crap! that would be very frustrating then you will have very few chances of getting good hotels. Even you will find difficult to get a cab in some countries past midnight.
  • If you like saving money then this could be another reason. Once you reach the destination chances are very less to get discount and deals like we get online. You might end up paying more if good hotels are already near full.

Some of us may not want to book hotels or b&b’s before having a closer look so here is the solution who are visiting a new country for more than 1 day, book for 1 day so you can explore the town and look for your suitable accommodation.

Here are some sources, I find very useful while traveling:

TripAdvisor – this is a very useful website, where you can compare price and see reviews f hotels.

Airbnb – prices are very affordable as compare to hotels as people give their own rooms and apartments in Airbnb. You will also get $25 free credit when you sing up with Airbnb.

2. Don’t forget the important meal

Getting proper meal is very important to make your vacation a wonderful experience. Many people think they should try new food throughout vacation, but I have a different take on it. You should not experiment too much with food.

I think trying something new is good but eating all new cuisines, which you never had in life can make you ill and ruin your vacation, which you surely don’t want. So go on and experiment a bit with Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Thai food but don’t forget to have at least one meal you regularly eat at home.

try out zomato to find your favorite cuisine nearby.


3. Tips to be safe while traveling to foreign country

Safety is a must and when you travel abroad you must make it the priority. Here are some quick tips to remember on vacation

  • Always carry identification with yourself
  • Keep some xerox copy of passport and visa.
  • Keep emergency numbers of the country your are visiting on speed dial.
  • Make a list of country/state/city you will be visiting and give some copies to your friends and family members.
  • If you are traveling with kid(s) then don’t forget to use GPS tracking device.
  • keep in touch with your friend and family so they get informed about your location and situation.
  • Do not spend night at stranger’s place.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.
  • Don’t deal with any nonauthorized agents for currency exchange.
  • get travel insurance.


4. Health is wealth

Human body is very sensitive and takes time to adjust with new environment so It’s very common among travelers to have some minor health issue, here are some quick tips to avoid them

  • Always keep first aid kit with you.
  • Use protection.
  • Drink as much as water you can.
  • Use mineral water as you can’t judge the purity local water served in restaurants.
  • Don’t forget to have enough stock of medicine if you take any on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Cuff, cold, headache, body ache are common during vacation/traveling so try to get a prescription from the doctor for this common illness (if you don’t have already).
  • Don’t avoid any allergy you face, rush to a doctor nearby so it can be cure immediately to avoid any damage(s) to your vacation.


5. Don’t forget to have fun

lol! you must already know this but then also here is quick notes

  • Remember you are there to enjoy so don’t waste time watching TV or sleeping much. Hotel without TV and cable would better so you won’t have any choice.
  • Get in touch with some friends or friends of friends to know the places you must visit.
  • spend your money wisely so you can enjoy more.
  • It’s good to exercise little bit daily if you don’t have any plan joining a gym after your trip.
  • Participate in local festivals like
    US – thanksgiving, Xmas.
    Spanish – La Tomatina.
    India – Diwali, Holi.
  • Every place has one specialty (food) for sure so become a detective while you are on vacation and try it.


I hope you find this article helpful. This article was more of mine and mine near once’s experience, which I observed during mine time of traveling.

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Hitesh Chandwani I am a Passionate Web Developer, Adventure Seeker, Hobbyist Blogger, Amazed by Tech, Party Lover, big Foodie and list goes on.
Hitesh Chandwani I am a Passionate Web Developer, Adventure Seeker, Hobbyist Blogger, Amazed by Tech, Party Lover, big Foodie and list goes on.