Top budget Holiday Destinations for you

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Budget Holiday Destinations

A perfect time to plan your budget holiday

With Christmas just around the corner, the thought of spending the most wonderful time of the year at home is just a big no-no.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t really feel like going somewhere on the big day because whether you like it or not, there is nothing more magical than spending your Christmas holidays somewhere fun and exciting.

But what if your budget just won’t allow you to have a luxurious getaway?

Don’t worry because today, you will have a quick trip around the world and discover the perfect destinations for holiday travelers on a budget!


Berlin germany

There are around 2,500 Christmas Markets that you can find in Germany and Berlin alone hosts several of them every year. The markets that you can find here are the best and the biggest in Europe and you can expect to see hundreds of amazing stalls that sell the most mouthwatering snacks such as baked apples and hot chestnuts. Of course, there are also those that offer traditional gifts that range from the excellently carved decorations to biscuits, toys and even lambskin shoes. And when you are done with your shopping, the legendary nightlife that Berlin is well known for is the best pre-Christmas warm-up that you can ever experience.



All thanks to the “Good King Wenceslas,” the city of Prague has been associated with Christmas for the longest time and during the holidays, the gothic Castle and medieval streets of Czech’s capital boast of such great festivity that no one will be able to resist. On the whole month of December, Prague hosts four markets daily. Heading to the Old Town, you wouldn’t have to spend a dime just to witness the most spectacular highlights of the celebration, including the big Christmas Tree that was shipped right from Czech mountains, to the petting zoo, large Nativity Scene that kids will love and the choir groups that serenade the shoppers with the famous Christmas songs.



Even with the winter chill hanging on the air, Krakow is packed with breathtaking architecture and cultural sites. While this can feel a bit less touristy, still, it never loses the traditional Christmas spirit like the other destinations. And the best thing is that this is way cheaper to visit compared to the other European cities. The main market of the city in Rynek Square is something you wouldn’t want to miss visiting for its warming Polish grub. Fried cheese, hot sausages coupled with the mulled wine will surely put some color in your cheeks in no time at all!



And then, there’s the wonderful romantic city of Vienna that hosts its Christmas Market for more than 700 years, with the most popular found in Rathausplatz Square. Here, you can enjoy shopping for delicious glazed fruits or the wooden stocking fillers or sip a glass of warm mulled wine. After that, you can head to Rathauspark to see the trees adorned with sparkling candles before you enjoy the advent choir concert held in the Festival Hall.

You see, spending your Christmas vacation doesn’t really have to be expensive. So long as you share the joy of the season with the people you love, no budget constraints can ever stop you from enjoying the holidays to the fullest!


Hitesh Chandwani I am a Passionate Web Developer, Adventure Seeker, Hobbyist Blogger, Amazed by Tech, Party Lover, big Foodie and list goes on.
Hitesh Chandwani I am a Passionate Web Developer, Adventure Seeker, Hobbyist Blogger, Amazed by Tech, Party Lover, big Foodie and list goes on.